MLM Company Privacy Statement

Effective Date: April 01, 2011

This MLMfan Company Privacy Statement describes MLMfan's privacy practices for MLM Company Information listed in the MLMfan Directory. To learn more about MLMfan's privacy practices regarding MLMfan Members and Web Site Visitors, click here.


The MLMfan Directory contains MLM Company Information from a variety of sources. Most MLMfan Directory information comes from MLMfan Members. However, MLM Companies may add themselves to the MLMfan Directory, and MLMfan may, from the time, supplement the MLMfan Directory with publicly available information or with information from trusted data providers who are legally authorized to provide such information.

At any time, individuals can check to see if they are listed in the MLMfan Directory by clicking on using the search tool on


MLM Company Information includes a company's name, address, Web site (URL), phone number, MLM classification, executive names, revenue range, date established, if publicly traded, and many more details that are listed in the MLMfan Directory.

The MLMfan Directory is MLMfan's database of Company Information and Business Contact Information.

MLMfan Members are individuals who sign-up for MLMfan's services and add (and maintain) records on the MLMfan Directory, as well as contribute other content including, press releases, individual articles and videos, recruiting letters and videos, and any comments made related to content on MLMfan. Important note: signing up as a MLMfan Member automatically adds your data to the MLMfan Directory.

Web Site Visitors are individuals who visit the MLMfan Web site, whether or not they decide to sign up for MLMfan's services or are listed in the MLMfan Directory.

MLM Companies are encouraged to verify all information on

Information Collected

The MLMfan Directory contains MLM Company Information from a variety of sources, including research done my administrator, user contributed content, and MLM company contributed content.'s goal is to have the most accurate information possible about all the companies in the MLMfan database. Every effort will be made to accomplish this, and all reports about misinformation will be investigated. Any MLMfan member found to purposefully contribute misinformation will be dealt with, and/or blocked from using


When new MLM Company information is added to the MLMfan Directory, MLMfan sends such individuals an email notification that provides an overview of MLMfan, the types of information MLMfan maintains, how the MLMfan Directory is used, MLMfan's contact information, and instructions on how to be removed from the MLMfan Directory if so desired.


Individuals may choose to have their Company contact information removed from the MLMfan Directory. Individuals may opt out of the MLMfan Directory by responding to the email notifying them that they have been added to the MLMfan Directory, by following the instructions by contacting .


At any time, MLM companies may see if their information as listed in the MLMfan Directory and the contents of such by utilizing the MLMfan search tool, or by contacting . Additionally, individuals may update or request the removal of their Business Contact Information in the MLMfan Directory by contacting .


MLMfan uses reasonable security controls to protect Business Contact Information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

Data Integrity

MLMfan limits Business Contact Information available in the MLMfan Directory to information typically found on an MLM companies website, including company name, title, phone number, email address, address, etc.


Questions regarding this MLMfan MLM Company Information Privacy Statement or the information practices of MLMfan may be directed to MLMfan by contacting .

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