Power Ranking Methodology

Relevant and Reliable MLM Traffic Data

From the very beginning of in 2010, we have been continuously updating our exclusive algorithm that ranks MLM companies based on online traffic. With online traffic data for all websites readily available to the public since 2002 from multiple independent sources, MLM fans have had access to important data that gives a general idea of the popularity of an MLM based on its online traffic. The challenge however has been making the data available relevant and meaningful. Since 2010 has been collecting data, and will continue collecting traffic data monthly. We have amassed and organized hundreds of MLM companies' traffic from multiple established sources. But for an industry overloaded with noise and unreliable MLM trend claims, how do we make sure your research generates meaningful and measurable data to determine whether and MLM is growing or declining? How do we help you connect the dots from all these different sources of information, when each and every MLM needs you to believe it is growing and even booming?

When it Comes to MLM Rankings, Context Matters manages the largest ranking of MLM companies anywhere, combines traffic and social media behaviors from multiple sources, and uses the same ranking algorithm for each company brings MLM data to life, in context. Our power rankings are comprised of a statistically relevant data analyzed independently from any MLM company as a neutral and reliable source for your MLM research. The panel is several times larger and more complex than any other source for MLM rankings, which means we are the best source to help you accurately measure MLM's trend and popularity.

Power Ranking and Traffic Source Diversity has pioneered the use of multi-source data collection to create the web's premier power ranking system . This approach is unique and no one in the MLM industry does it. It enables to maintain the largest, most diverse and representative MLM ranking anywhere. Without the diversity of sources, bias cannot be identified or remedied. Diverse traffic and social media sources also allow us to better represent actual traffic with our ranking samples. consults multiple proprietary traffic ranking and social media sources directly. In addition,'s ranking methodology merges these diverse sources of data into a single, statistically representative ranking using our proprietary algorithm.'s methodology normalizes, calibrates, and projects the most accurate MLM traffic rankings possible. No other ranking can rank MLM online traffic as effectively as

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