Vitel Wireless Reviewed, From Chump to Champ

written by Reginald Stinson submitted on Apr 21, 2012
Vitel Wireless Review I'm so excited about Vitel Wireless. Vitel is growing so fast it's mind blowing. I'm not a person of HYPE by any means, but I believe that the people who get in NOW and take Vitel Wireless serious and build are going to NEVER have to worry about MONEY AGAIN. The funny thing about my story and how I got connected with Vitel Wireless actually started several months ago. I initially saw it when I was apart of another company. Honestly, I wasn't impressed at all about what I saw, so I just politely blew it off. Then I went on to become a MASTER DEALER for all the TOP TIER PREPAID carriers and took a break from MLM. I did my thing and make money being a dealer. But one thing I learned very quickly is, one person can only do so much. Then a old business partner of mine introduced Vitel Wireless to me again on Facebook and asked have I seen what they are up to lately and what my thoughts were. I was blown away by the recent changes and progress that was made. That showed me that this company is in for the long haul and are propelling. So I immediately took action because I was tired of trying to sign up a thousand customers myself lol. I love the concept of network marketing and understand the power of leverage. So joining Vitel Wireless at $69 for the FIRST MONTH at the TOP LEVEL PLATINUM EXECUTIVE was a no brainer for me. Why Vitel Wireless Now? Timing is everything and critical. Of course with any youthful company there's always going to be growing pains. I'm willing to go through them all because I know what's at the end of the tunnel and believe me, it's beautiful. Vitel isn't your typical wireless company that's trying to be a cellphone company. We don't have to deal with the headache of having to only get people to switch to our service. People can keep the current cellular service they have and get their bill paid every month by the company. How cool this that?

Vitel has completely separated themselves from any other wireless company that have attempted to tap into the telecom arena. They aren't trying to be like everyone else or take consumers through a huge drastic change. Our mission is to SHOW people how they can SAVE MONEY by shopping with us, not to mention the convenience of doing so and to HELP people MAKE MONEY. That is it!

You don't have to be a GURU to succeed or be profitable here at Vitel Wireless. That was the closer for me because most people you will come across in this industry of network marketing won't have a contact list of thousands of people or be able to sponsor thousands. I'm in it for the long haul and after going through what I went through in MLM to come to this point feels great because I've FINALLY found my HOME in MLM.

Shocking video reveals joining Vitel Wireless is a no brainer.......

  Well this about sums it up.... Either you are in or you're out. One thing that's for sure is Vitel Wireless has a bright future. It's up to you to decide if you want to be apart of it or not. I look forward to working with you. Get Started With Our Vitel Power Team Here Blessings, PS – Who else want to discover how to I raked in thousands of leads, earned tens of thousands in affiliate commissions and get paid even when I sleep? Guru Success Secrets Vitel Wireless Review
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