Doing Less and Having it All!

written by Susan Templeton submitted on Nov 26, 2012
Doing Less: This is a theory which I am currently testing. As a new member to the MLM community, I am considering very carefully my time available to devote to this venture. Right now being a full time employee presents a stark contrast to the concept of residual income. It's hard to imagine how one's exchange for hours worked might be exponentially increased by building a portfolio of paying clients who keep paying you long after you've won their business. I could get used to that!

Fortunately for me, my friend who first introduced me to ACN is someone I not only respect, but whom I have had the opporutnity to observe as she reshaped her career and her life through the freedom to work on her terms. When approached about the company initially - the timing was not right. I had a careeer did I not? Yes and I still do. What has changed is my complete identification with myself and a career which is just not supporting my visions of a secure future. In fact, the more I work the more I seem to need to work. Having time to enjoy my life and contribute in some small way to my community becomes more and more important as each year passes. I see my friends and my clients struggling financially to maintain their status quo with real concerns about their futures. They work more, they see their famlies less. A fast food mentality has crept into many homes. Do people cook a meal together any more? Do we even know how?

I will stay from the outset that some of the fast talking loud exhortations of your average MLM evangalist is quite a turnoff. The people who get my true attention are, like my friend, quietly succeeding and having fun doing so. And I know for me to succeed and stay motivated I need motivated people around me. so I am consiously building my team with people who are more skilled and motivated than I am to keep me enthused.

Goal setting:
My goal is not to own an Aston Martin or a penthouse suite on 5th Avenue. Sure those things would be nice- but I think I would die of guilt owning a car worth $450 G's when I think what that money might accomplish. When I expressed this to a fellow MLM newbie it became apparent I was raining on his materialistic parade. So what exactly do I seek? Freedom. In a word - time. Time to do and enjoy life and travel and support noble causes and be inspired and inspire others. Time is a function of having the means to expend my energies in these ways. Since my current career demands a 40 plus hour week I don't see this trend changing anytime soon. In fact, I could probably work 70 hours a week and not get all my work done or feel any more resolved come Friday.

Balancing Act: As my business paln evolves, I aspire to apply the Triple Bottom Line principle to my life. For starters, I will consider what's really important to me, and invest my time to new practices in place. My ultimate goal is to equally balance: 1. People (myself and others in my sphere of influence), 2. Profits (ongoing financial viability) and 3. Planet (environmental and societal concerns) in my life. I endeavor to carry this balance into everything I do. I believe a deeper realization of each of these 'bottom lines' will transform my life and those around me.  

So here is to my new goal of Freedom and Time to invest appropriately. Success to you in your own endeavors! 

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