David Moses – Zija Int. Hits $3 Million in Career Earnings

written by by Ted Nuyten on October 29, 2012 submitted on Oct 30, 2012 submitted by: Greg T.

David Moses is the top earner in Zija International and has reached Crowne Diamond Elite, the top position.

David shared some of his thoughts, philosophies, principles, beliefs, and habits that have been foundational in his success in an interview:

Q.  How does it feel to be Zija’s first Crowne Diamond Elite?

A.   Well obviously it feels great. My whole family is thrilled with our success. The fact of the matter is that we are far more excited and fulfilled with the success of our teammates, because their success is really the underlying reasons for ours.

Q.   Your upcoming bonus check will be close to $600,000 for a single pay Period; how does it feel to have one of the largest checks ever seen in the network marketing industry?

A.   I would be lying if I didn’t say great, but I hope that more than anything this will be an inspiration for others who are rising fast in Zija. It also feels great know that I will be able to contribute a great deal to charities this year.

Q.   How would you describe success? Or, if you wish, what are the high points for you and your family as it relates to success?

A.   Success comes in many forms and is different for each of us. My view of success has evolved over the years. Today, I personally get the most fulfillment and satisfaction from assisting others, whether it be contributing to my faith, my community, my family, or assisting my fellow Zija partners in their success. Becoming debt free was important, some toys (fast cars) and other material things “seemed” important, our new Zija home paid in full is certainly a blessing, time freedom is important, the best education for the kids is definitely a priority, and maintaining good health is primary.

Q.   What are your thoughts and philosophies related to success, in terms of managing the responsibility and setting the example?

A.   That’s a great question. Humility is paramount as success increases. It’s easy for the ego to take over or become enlarged. I do my best to do a “check up from the neck up”, as Zig Ziglar used to say, in order to keep the ego in check. The day that a person forgets where success came from and thinks they are the sole reason is the beginning of the end. Humility is extremely important in leadership, as in all aspects of life.

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